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Great Lazarus! Grigori Perelman resurrected!

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perelmanGreat Lazarus! Grigori Perelman resurrected! (In a strictly Quantum Naturalization [P=NP] novel proof sense).

It has been three years since the famed New Yorker Article told the tale of unsung academic principled man who called a spade a spade and what a commemoration this will be:

DATE #1 ON title page: February 1, 2008
DATE #2 ON title page: 11 November 2002

As a tribute to my friend I have never met: The entropy formula for the Ricci flow and its geometric applications by Grisha Perelman*

The production of this paper by terms 6 years later and inside the melting pot of mathematical alchemy that is the ArXiv government funded research archives in “e-paper” terms is simply the product of the repeating of the digits “211” in frame.

The engine and cryptography that drives NASA and The FDIC screeches to a halt with three-digits that rhyme with a Bannette’s song or a piece of improv.

[P=NP] system scripting 2 is a technique to take problems such as deductive reasoning over massive amounts of written and numerical data and strip the parts that do not pertain to the subject matter like a colander.

Yes I will be collecting the Clay Mathematics Institute Millennium Prize but I will donate 1/2 to charity and the other half I will invest in forming an innovative business which gives back to the community. The idea is an endeavor which does something to shift the predominance of wealth in a minute majority. Currently the top 1% of the world population has 40% of the global assets. The lower 50% has barely 2% of the total wealth 3. I should like to contribute to fostering a corporate and social economy where everyone who is sick can go to a doctor and everyone who wants to learn can go to school. And everyone who works a full-time job in this country and around the world has not to worry about feeding their family and paying their mortgage as factors to consider against one another. (Unforgotten are the homeless and those without clean water.)

Truly this claim of computational complexity is known or unknowable the last leg of all economic and capital support which hides itself in the name of prosperity while those who work for a living make ends meet. For a cure to cancer and AIDS. For a solution to so many things.